Comité Científico




Editorial Board.

Editor-in-Chief: José Gómez Galán, PhD, PhD.

Editor: Juan José Sánchez-Oro, PhD. Cand.

Associate Editors: Daniel Andreas Verdu Schumann, Ph.D., U. Paderborn, Germany; Eloy López Meneses, PhD., U. Pablo de Olavide, Spain; Fabrizio Manuel Sirignano, PhD., U. Suor Orsola Benincasa, Italy; Mónica Cornejo Valle, PhD., U. Complutense, Spain.

International Editorial Advisory Board:Antonio Cortijo Ocaña, Ph.D., U. California Santa Barbara, USA; Antonio Hilario Martin Padilla, Ph.D., U. Pablo de Olavide, Spain; Antonio Piñero Sáenz, PhD., U. Complutense, Spain; Carmen Rosa Coloma Manrique, PhD., U. Católica, Peru; Carolina Silva Sousa, PhD., U. Algarve, Portugal; Edileuza de Freitas Miranda de Mendonça, PhD., Conselho de Educação de Goiânia, Brazil; Edgard G. Rivera-Valentín, PhD., University Space Research Association, Puerto Rico – USA; Francesca Marone, PhD., U. Napoli Federico II, Italy; Javier Loredo Enríquez, PhD., U. Iberoamericana, Mexico; Joaquín Cerdá Boluda, PhD., U. Politécnica de Valencia, Spain; José Carlos Escudero García, PhD., U. Extremadura, Spain; José Luis Salmerón Silvera, PhD., U. Pablo de Olavide, Spain; José Miguel Mulet Salort, PhD., U. Politécnica de Valencia, Spain; Juan Carlos Meana Martínez, Ph.D., U. Vigo, Spain; Julio Real García, PhD., U. Autónoma de Madrid, Spain; Luz Martínez Torres, Ph.D., U. Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico; María Guadalupe Veytia Bucheli, PhD., U. Autónoma Hidalgo, Mexico; Maria Helena Saari, PhD Cand., University of Oulu, Finland; María Isabel Ponce Escudero, PhD., Junta de Extremadura, Spain; Maria Luisa Iavarone, PhD., U. Parthenope, Italy; María del Coral López Gómez, PhD., Eastern Michigan University, USA; Marília Cid, PhD., U. Evora, Portugal; Montserrat Escartín Gual, Ph.D., U. Girona, Spain; Mylord Reyes Tosta, PhD., Eastern Michigan University, USA; Noelia Margarita Moreno Martínez, PhD., U. Málaga, Spain; Rosabel Roig-Vila, PhD., U. Alicante, Spain; Santiago Atrio Cerezo, PhD., U. Autónoma de Madrid, Spain; Vicent Martines Peres, PhD., ISIC-IVITRA, U. Alicante, Spain. External Collaborators: Chris Aubeck, MA.; Loli Higuero Padilla, MA.; Luis Félix Marín Recio, MS.; Santiago Velasco Sol, MA.

Institutional Committee. José F. Méndez Méndez, PhD., SUAGM, Puerto Rico; Carlos M. Padín Bibiloni, PhD., U. Metropolitana, SUAGM, Puerto Rico; E. David Méndez Pagán, PhD., SUAGM, Puerto Rico; Migdalia Torres Rivera, PhD., SUAGM, Puerto Rico; Juan Otero Serrano, PhD., U. Metropolitana, SUAGM, Puerto Rico; Zaida Vega Lugo, PhD., U. Metropolitana, SUAGM, Puerto Rico; Mariwilda Padilla, PhD., U. Metropolitana, SUAGM, Puerto Rico; Omar Ponce, PhD., U. Metropolitana, SUAGM, Puerto Rico; Nellie Pagán Maldonado, PhD., U. Metropolitana, SUAGM, Puerto Rico; Olga A. Figueroa Miranda, MA, U. Metropolitana, SUAGM. Puerto Rico.

Contact Us: Sistema Universitario Ana G. Mendez (SUAGM). Universidad Metropolitana (UMET). Rectoría, PO Box 21150 San Juan, PR 00928-1150.



Focus and Scope: Fronteras de la Ciencia (ISSN 2565-1021) is a multidisciplinary journal whose main objective is the diffusion of studies providing answers to major scientific problems in general academic contexts. It aims to improve society by disseminating knowledge and supporting scientific development. Papers will be welcomed, regardless of the subject area to which they belong, as long as they entail a contribution to the development of knowledge in the scientific world. All papers submitted for publication must be unpublished and original, and should not have been submitted to other journals for evaluation/publication. Peer Review Process: Original submissions to the journal will be reviewed by external referees, a process known as peer review. Reviewers are academics and researchers who are experts in the corresponding specialized field of knowledge. Their main task will be to study all submitted papers critically and constructively. For a paper’s evaluation the “double-blind” system will be used. Publication Frequency: The periodicity of the journal will be four issues per year. Audience: The journal is addressed to the scientific community and to society in general. Copyright: Authors sign an exclusive license agreement in which authors retain copyright but license publication rights to the publisher. Authorization for reproduction of tables, figures, graphs or less than 150 words of text is not necessary; however, the correct citation of sources of information is required by law. In all other cases appropriate permission and / or authorization must be requested from the Editorial Board in accordance with international legislation on intellectual property protection. Ethics: For all parties involved in the act of publishing (the author, the journal/publisher and the peer reviewer) it is necessary to agree upon standards of expected ethical behavior. The ethics statements for the journal are based on the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) Editors. The authors should ensure that any actual or apparent conflicting or competing interest is clearly stated on submission of their manuscript. This journal will immediately reject papers leading to plagiarism.